Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How much does Alec Baldwin suck? Even MSNBC does not want him.

You are worthress Arec Baldwin...
MSNBC cold to Alec Baldwin's return...  Imagine that, Alec Baldwin is a douchebag to the staff.

While Alec Baldwin's ratings suck for even MSNBC, maybe Al Jazerra would be interested?  Alec Baldwin needs to reach out to the Chakra Master.

TOM: What! Those "Toxic Little Queens" at MSNBC don't want Alec Baldwin back?

TOM: Al Jazerra, worst deal evah?
Why is Alec Baldwin so unhappy?
Alec Baldwin has another homophobic tirade... (people are starting to notice a pattern)


  1. Surprised Capital One isn't looking for somebody better.

    Gilbert Gottfried, maybe.

    1. Maybe Alec is delivering them the demographic they want: Beta males with some disposable income, lacking judgment and common sense.

    2. I've seen some new ads with Samuel Jackson.

      Could be we're in for a change.


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