Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am Chelsea Manning, hear me roar! Rule 5 for Radicals


  1. They'll love him at Leavenworth.

    1. You have to remember, for this freak, that is not a bad thing. His Army fantasies all come to life.

  2. As I have said, repeatedly, Manning's "security clearance" was likely done by a "contractor" who bid the lowest price for the work. However, again, and again, I say, the "clearance" is meaningless if a given position description doesn't define a "role" requiring access to anything. You can have a Top Secret clearance rating but access to absolutely nothing in a properly managed information access system. There in lies the problem.

    Roles and Permissions are key elements to information access, regardless of clearances required otherwise. Manning's roles & permissions were likely managed by another low bid contractor for Database administration, perhaps a twit like Snowden even. Manning never ever had a position that entitled him to the role rating he held, or the permissions alloted him either....hell, most 4 star generals don't have such omnibus access. However, in the Manning case, there had to be some military oversight that fell asleep at the switch and signed off on the roles & permissions the contractor recommended...e.g., the same one's as the theater commander for whom Manning worked...easy, see, just give them all to everyone who works for the guy.

    And here we are today. Remember, as I have also repeatedly commented elsewhere, that ALL IT and ITE work in government, militayr and civilian, has been determined a "commercial activity" and "non-governmental", in accord with OMB circular A-76 and underlying law, so it must be contracted out.

    Sleep tight assured that someone is sneaking up on you at all times and no one is keeping the gate.


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