Friday, July 12, 2013

You are looking at the commentator who made the 200,000th comment at Legal Insurrection!

And of course for legal matters Legal Insurrection is the go to place.  Volokh Conspiracy is also great.  As is SCOTUSblog for Supreme Court matters.  And of course, Glenn Reynolds for day to day scouring of the web for interesting stories.

Legal Insurrection is not just Professor Jacobson, but also:
Anne Sorock
Mandy Nagy
David Gerstman
A.F. Branco
Leslie Eastman
Andrew Branca

Legal Insurrection:  O'Mara interviewed after case goes to the jury...
Legal Insurrection:  Analysis of O'Mara closing argument...


  1. Legal Insurrection has become the best blog out there. And they have Mandy Nagy too.

    You look a lot like Stevie Nicks

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  3. And it doesn't hurt there might have been a wee twist of the knife when it was done, no?

    Seriously, I've become a big fan of the Jacobson Gang in the last couple of years. One thing he does, which someone else should also have done, is take a stand on some of the more prickly issues at law, rather than saying, "Well, that was what the Court ruled and that's the end of it".

    Jacobson isn't afraid to call lousy law exactly that.

  4. I am so impressed. It must be difficult to type with hooves.

  5. Well that would be impressive if Inga hadn't just done the same thing on the poll post at TOP.

    You have to do a lot better than that dude if you want to keep up with crazy. Just sayn'

    1. You can't out crazy Inga. It would be crazy to even try.

  6. Oh how I miss the Althouse commentariat. Sigh. Yeah, even batshit crazy Inga.

  7. Yeah, being the 200,000th is up there, but I'm more impressed your first place Moo in the #1 spot following the O'Mara CNN interview post! And I'm most impressed with O'mara's words and manner in response to Mark Savidge. He spoke with sincerity and portrayed integrity, dignity, heart, awareness, and... poise.


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