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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Robert Stacy McCain makes the case: Monica Lewinsky is more attractive than Sydney Leathers

Robert Stacy McCain goes places you would not expect a journalist to immediately go, but when you see what he is putting out there you know this is a question that definitely needed to be asked.  That my friends, is vision.

It is also a good excuse for a Rule 5 post.  You decide folks, Monica Lewinsky or Sydney Leathers?

By the way...
Who did tip off Buzz Feed on Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner?  

Aaawwww. Huma Abedin to take extended vacation from Hillary Clinton (the Clintons did do it!)
Clintons on the war path against Weiner...
Anthony Weiner liked to call interns working for him "Monica" 

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  1. Yeah, definitely Lewinsky. She was a cute plumper.

  2. Saying Monica is better-looking isn't saying much if you've gotten a decent look at Sydney Leathers (there's a name), but Olivia Nuzzi beats them both.

  3. That's true, but if you had to pick, but if you look at Sydney Leathers dumpling legs, I'd pass. :D

  4. Having had looks at both of them, ed, it's pretty easy to figure Monica is better looking.

    And Olivia Nuzzi looks like some kind of deformed horse.

    Yes, I realize I'm in the minority.


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