Friday, July 12, 2013

Curtis Sliwa is unbelievably ignorant in what he says about George Zimmerman

Bernie Goetz commented how he identifies with George Zimmerman.  While I would note Zimmerman is actually far more in the right than Goetz was, there are similarities.  But what surprised me was this comment by Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa:Curtis:
“Bernie couldn’t be more totally wrong,” said Sliwa. “He needs to chase some squirrels in the park. This has nothing at all to do with him, nothing in common. “Bernie Goetz is Charles Bronson in Death Wish,” said Sliwa. “He had enough, and Darrell Cabey represented every guy who had tried to mug him before. George Zimmerman is Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. He’s a nut. He’s a complete nut job who thinks he’s on a ‘mission,’ and this young black man ended up on his radar screen, and then dead
For Sliwa to state this shows just how ignorant and out of touch he is. What is he basing this on? It certainly is not based on admissible evidence that was presented at Zimmerman's trial.
He is obviously basing his conclusions on stuff like NBC editing the Zimmerman 911 call (to make him look racist when he was not).  

Curtis Sliwa is probably too much of a media whore to do this, but if he spent maybe an hour looking at the evidence summaries and seeing some of the closing argument of O'Mara, he might realize what he said was so stupid and prejudicial.  
Sliwa is an idiot (maybe he does not like White Hispanics)
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  1. I just found and I think it’s great. I’m going to put you in my links or blogroll, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

    1. Sliwa is the kind of New York dickbag that makes you want to punch him in the balls and throw him off the empire state building and land on Chuck Schumer and Mayor Doucheberg. That would be a trifecta of win and the earths carbon ratio would diminish greatly. Al Gore would then drop dead from the loss of carbon credits he can scam off the world at large. All in all it would be a good day. There is a word for guys like Sliwa, Street Meat. You want to know why the mob wanted him dead, because they got sick of listening to him too.

  2. I never ever trusted Sliwa, he always struck me as a sleazebag, I guess my intuition is confirmed

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  4. Silwa and/or whoever....where does this concept come from that Zimmerman is a wannabe cop acting out [such a guy would have had the gun out already, no?], or worse, that the degree of his injuries, in hindsight, somehow reduces any fear for his life or great bodily harm? The initial photos establish he was attacked, and as O'Mara closed it, by a guy who had 3-4 minutes to stroll home but chose to come back to Zimmerman, after already circling his car once earlier. If you think you are bing stalked and have time to reach safe haven, you do so and call the police if necessary...e.g., if the stalker comes to your haven too. That did NOT happen in this case.

    I learned one thing from the trail live feeds...that neither Guy nor Mantei have ever been in a fist fight or had their ass kicked generally.

    If Zimmerman is found guilty of anything, it endangers us all. It will indicate a mindset has been established not just in government, but in the populace, that big government can dictate a trial be held, for blatantly political reasons, when local government has already determined no charge warranted. I almost feel I should say "Duh!" to myself. Worse, the gerrymandering of the trail prosecution was do by Republicans for Republicans. WTF?

  5. Could be Sliwa's projecting just a tad?


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