Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wake Up Republicans: Craprehensive Immigration Reform (aka Amnesty) Bill is not moral or pragmatic...

Wake up people, Chuck Schumer is grinning for a reason! (click on photo to see Creepy Chuck move)

DrewM at Ace of Spades addresses the "moral issue" that a few Republicans keep bringing up:
There is nothing moral about amnesty. 
First, the people who came here illegally did so knowing they were breaking the law of this country and that they would not be able to do things that citizens or legal immigrants can do.
We as a country didn't perform some bait and switch maneuver where we said, "No, we're just kidding about that pesky legal system we set up. Just hop on over the border however you can and you'll be treated like the suckers who wait at home and play by the rules".
They made their choices and like all choices there are consequences. 
My concern and compassion is for the sucker who have and continue to play by the rules we've set up. Does the process we've set up need reform? Desperately. But the fact that we didn't come up with a plan that would enable anyone who wants to come here to just walk on in mean that people are entitled to walk on in. 
Currently there's something like 4 million people waiting to come to this country by legal means. No matter what amnesty supporters say about illegals going to "the back of the line", the truth is those who get the provisional legal status BEFORE any border security actually happens will be here and will have the ability to work and travel freely. I'm sure the people on that years long line would love to pay a $1,000 dollars and presto! have legal residency here. But they aren't offered that chance, only those that broke our laws get that easy and instant path. Where's the morality in that?
Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection addresses the practical issue of all of this:  It is a damn good way for Republicans losing in 2016 (and 2014 too).  

TOM (via Smitty) posts how Ted Cruz strikes back... 
TOM:  It is time to deport the criminals: The Republican traitors pushing this. 

Michelle Malkin:  Obama's definition of smarter enforcement:  None.  
Daniel Horowitz at Red State: The status quo is better than bad legislation.
Daniel Horowitz at Red State: Chuck Schumer Republicans start the amnesty train down the hill...
Bob Belvedere
TOM: What's the rate?  You might as well ask what's the frequency Kenneth?  It is a distraction from the real goal of the Democrats.
TOM:  The Gang of Eight are Liars  And if Obama supports it, how could it be good for the USA?
Protein Wisdom minimalism
What this new set of laws will do is essentially add 30 million new legal voters over a decade’s time, nearly all of them permanent clients to a big corporatist government determined to expand and entrench its power.   What it won’t do is secure the border in any way.  And whatever provisions it claims to offer as stepping stones on a path to citizenship are set-up for juridical overturn: different “classes” of citizens won’t hold legal water, and they know it.  It’s theater.Here it is in plain, clear English:  The ruling class plan to defeat the TEA Party and the small-government base of the Republican Party is to import enough new progressive voters to offset the influence of we, the people.  Whose only remaining function will be to subsidize the people and programs that ensure our own subjugation to the State.  We become draft horses to the Beltway crowd’s plantation overseer.
Sorry Paul Ryan, it's amnesty...
Powerline:  With Ryan on board the fix may be in (you better start panicking)!
Protein Wisdom: Problems with the Immigration Bill (from someone who read it)

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