Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mark Steyn asks: Rather than spying on all Americans (and the world), why aren't we more selective and attentive with Muslim radicals?

Mark Steyn is absolutely correct.  I would point out something else.  Schools over react over kindergarten kids even mentioning a gun.  Now compare those over reactions with the non-reaction to the clear signals from Major Hasan (before he began shooting his fellow soldiers)?

Gay Patriot asks the flip side of that question:  If Al Qaeda is supposedly on the run, why is this surveillance required?

TOM notes, what have we learned over the last few weeks?  Intrusive government surveillance of its citizens and the IRS targeting political opposition for audits?  How does this keep us safer?  
LI: When everything is a crime, government data mining matters.
Jay Leno: We wanted a President who listened to all Americans, and now we have one...
TOM: Obsessed, who me?
TOM: The Five Million Dollar Idiot (Chris Tingles Matthews and the 4th Estate, MSNBC)
Mark Steyn on Snowden

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