Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't forget the IRS scandal...

Day 30, no resolution.

TOM notes, what have we learned over the last few weeks?  Intrusive government surveillance of its citizens and the IRS targeting political opposition for audits?  How does this keep us safer?

LI: When everything is a crime, government data mining matters.

TOM: The World's Youngest Blogger dismayed by the Obama fail list...

TOM (via Smitty): Fundamentally transforming the USA
It’s time for the GOP to either (a) morph into a full-throated reform party, or (b) just admit that all it craves is a swap on the nameplates there in the halls of corruption. Can the GOP stand and deliver? I’ve always argued that it’s better to work within the existing structure, as the start-up costs of a new party are really, really high. The longer the GOP appears feckless, the weaker that argument gets.

PEJMAN YOUSEFZADEH: Lame Excuses for the IRS Scandal Get Lamer and Bite More Dust. “Recall that from the outset, after it was revealed that the IRS was targeting conservatives and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, IRS-apologists came out with the claim that the unwarranted scrutiny was the result of staffers in Ohio offices who went rogue. As such, according to the apologists, we were not supposed to think that the agency as a whole was rotten to the core; just that there were a few isolated bad apples who in no way, shape, or form were representative of the IRS as a whole. That theory never held much water to begin with. It holds even less water now.”
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