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Friday, March 8, 2013

The obligatory Ashley Judd senate race announcement Rule 5 post...

After Al Franken won in Minnesota, I am not putting anything out of the range of possibilities, but I should hope the wonderful people and voters of great state of Kentucky have more sense than to elect Ashley Judd.

Update:  The Dream Is Dead? Ashley Judd is giving up the Senate Race!  Say it is not so Ashley, say it is not so! 

Why did Ashley Judd get all puffy?  Just asking that question makes you a H8er!  
Ashley Judd and Violet Beauregard Separated at Birth?  Don't be a H8er!
Update tweet:

She claims to have been sexually abused as a child and I do not make fun of that.  I assume there is some truth to her claims since it would explain her mental illness.  That is no joke, she is definitely mentally troubled (she admits it).  But one thing I know for sure is we do not need more troubled people in government and especially in high (and already dysfunctional) offices like the U.S. Senate.  

Ashley Judd makes a pretty good case
for evidence of demonic possession
For a mainstream Hollywood actress, she also has done a lot of nude scenes.  Will this impact her ability to get elected in a relatively conservative state like Kentucky?  We will see.  Personally I do not see movie nudity, in itself, as an issue for or against her candidacy.  There are plenty of substantive reasons, based on her policy positions, to vote against Ashley Judd, such as equating coal mining with rape.  Some of her professional work includes recreating the Marilyn Monroe Playboy shoot (which is worthy of a Rule 5 post):

Update:  Thanks RSM for the linkage!  I should clarify I do not see movie nudity as a hinderance, provided she does not do it when she is in her puffy and anti-coal, anti-babies and anti-Christianity stage


  1. Naomi begat Wynona and Ashley from different fathers. I'm glad you made me sort out Judd genealogy before it got too confusing.

    I still like Naomi and Wynona"s "Grandpa (tell me 'bout the good ol' days": link

  2. She has this weird fetish about showing her tits all the time...because, feminism.

  3. History: Kentucky is and has been run by Democrats forever, especially on the local level. Our last Republican governor, Ernie Fletcher, had a great chance to change our State government and blew it BIG TIME (I was so embarrassed). So with that said, Kentucky has sent Republicans to our Nation's Capitol, save a few "conservative" democrats in the last several elections.

    We would welcome this Narcissistic little twit running against Senator McConnell and she would lose and lose big. McConnell has done some questionable governing however, He has done a great job for Kentucky (so, for all you that are suspicious of him, look how he embraced Rand Paul at CPAC). He is a shrewd politician.

    Now, to Ms. Judd. I can see the headlines after she loses by 20 points at how we Kentuckians are a bunch of dumb, hayseed, hicks. We laugh at that notion and quietly would take delight in the fact that she would be seething with rage inside.
    Getting the truth from Little Miss Judd would be like, "ab asino lanam". Please run Ashley, PLEASE.

  4. Ashley nude...eh, I seen better.


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