Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrate National Crab Day

Today is National Crab Day.  The ones that swim in the ocean.  Below are the primary eating crabs in North America.  The blue and stone are found in the Atlantic.  The dungeness, snow, and king in the Pacific (there are snow and king crab in the North Atlantic too).  So eat up.  While good king crab is amazing, I personally prefer blue and dungeness for flavor (but that may be because unless you are in Dutch Harbor, snow and king crab are almost always frozen).  Stone crab claws outside of a good restaurant in Florida is usually disappointing.

Blue and dungeness crab meat makes wonderful crab cakes.  Crab meat is too great to mess up with a lot of spices.  I would, however, recommend adding shredded celeriac root to crab cakes.  The celery root pairs well with crab meat and it fries up crispy.  Add in a little shaved shallot too (I use a mandolin).  Japanese style panko breadcrumbs (unflavored) work really well.

Update:  Here is a Nigella Lawson post with crab recipes.
Blue Crab
Stone Crab
Dungeness Crab

Snow Crab
King Crab

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