Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some Republicans seem to have a problem with Rand Paul...

Now Bill Kristol claims Rand Paul will lead the GOP...nowhere.   Krauthammer is a bit more nuanced, recognizing what Rand Paul did in filibustering to be a very smart political move.

While I do not think John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol are mere juggalos to the McLame and Gramnasty's Insane Clown Posse, they are wrong about Rand Paul (and whenever one's views match those of Lawrence O'Donnell, one should pause and consider that...).  What Rand Paul was up to with his old school filibuster was about more than mere political gamesmanship.

Piers Morgan and McLame get it on.  Gramnasty gets snippy and caddy.
John McCain is calling everyone wacko birds, except his new buddy Barack Obama (I guess that happens when someone kicks your ass).
I don't agree with everything Jonathan Tobin is saying here, but it is a bit more nuanced (and critical of McCain and Graham's attack).
Separated at Birth:  John McCain and...?

First Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul, but he is not Ron Paul (so while I have misgivings about Ron Paul too, Rand Paul's critics can put that baggage back on the luggage carousel).  Second, Rand Paul's policies leaning libertarian are frankly healthy for the GOP (and Rand Paul is only partially libertarian).  Those policies should not exclusively define the GOP platform or political philosophy, but it definitely should influence it and be considered.  Despite the chatter, the chances of Rand Paul being the GOP nominee in 2016 are remote.  Rand Paul is filing a vacuum in the GOP.  Rather than attending dinners with Barack Obama, if the GOP is going to have any chance of succeeding on a national scale, however, it needs to have a bigger tent and part of that will be explaining why entitlement and fiscal reform is in everyone's best interests in this country. Guys like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are part of that future.

National security requires the United States to be economically sound--that long term economic health is the keystone to this country staying safe and secure.  That requires getting our fiscal house in order and that starts with entitlement and spending reform.  And the other component of American exceptionalism is respecting civil liberties and rule of law (and Rand Paul is hardly out of the GOP mainstream in that regard).  That it took an old school filibuster to get the Obama Administration to admit it cannot just send a drone to kill an American citizen in the United States without some imminent attack or action on the target's part...well that is the issue we should be focusing on given things like Fast and Furious that Holder and Obama have been involved with (not the motives of the person doing the filibuster).

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  1. It's the same old divide that split republicans regarding Palin. Diversity of opinion exists at all time within parties. I'd wager that there is currently lots of division among democrats regarding drone policy in general but people just aren't writing and talking about it.


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