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Friday, February 1, 2013

Scott Brown not running for John Kerry's Senate Seat

Scott Brown not running.
Scott Brown is no conservative.  In a red state he would be a liberal Democrat.  I know Scott Brown did not impress conservatives, but was what he was because of The People’s Socialistic Republic of Massachusetts. He had to go moderately squishy to even have a chance, and he still lost, because in a Presidential year more Democrats came out and voted "D" down the line. I do not buy Tea Partiers abandoned him and that is why they lost.  Brown lost because there are not that many in Republicans and conservatives in Massachusetts to begin with (they have left). 

I would be no fan of Scott Brown as a senator in a purple or red state, but in Massachusetts he was hands down better than Elizabeth "Fauxahontas" Warren. Any conservative in Massachusetts who did not vote for Brown over Lizzie Lie-a-whopper is an idiot.

My guess he is either running for Governor (which Republicans have won in the past) or basically out of politics for the foreseeable future.  

DaTechGuy notes that the Mass GOP is shooting itself in the foot...

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