Friday, February 1, 2013

Chris Matthews goes crazy because Obama Department of Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel made a fool out of himself yesterday...

Chris Matthews goes crazy (again)
Badgering the witness is too nice a description of what went on today. The hawks swirled 
like buzzards sweeping down, pecking and pulling at the skin of a former colleague.
Chris Matthews describing the Chuck Hagel Hearing
Is Matthews acknowledging that Hagel is carrion?
His shameless MSNBC college 
Joe Scarborough piles on too.
Meanwhile even the Obama White House is expressing disappointment with Chuck Hagel's performance.

Even Bob Schieffer at CBS News notes Hagel's nomination may be in trouble.

Mark Steyn:  Easy to see why Iran likes Hagel...
Jeff Goldstein/Protein Wisdom on Republicans standing up to Hagel
Legal Insurrection:  Chuck Hagel should be roast, not just toast.

Meanwhile this post of mine seems to have caught the attention of potential Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel:

Palestine is a side issue. The main issue is the jewish control of the US gov. and the breaking up of the country and it's going down in "flames" because of it. The so-called nation of Israel is an illegitimate state founded on deception and terrorism and blackmail/bribery. It's how they operate and is how the American govt is controlled by zionists and jewry in high places in the country.

As soon as Truman, pushed and blackmailed by jews that Roosevelt brought in, approved the institution of the jew terrorist state in 1948, he signed the death certificate of this country, which is being carried out in the present evil age via all the "ism's"


  1. Evi L. BloggerladyFebruary 1, 2013 at 5:35 PM
    Chuck Hagel, why are you posting under the name Brandon?

h/t to the Feral Irishman for the image.  


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