Sunday, February 3, 2013

Richard Fernandez notes a disturbing trend...

Jon Corzine, loses billions of
dollars of investor funds
Bob Menendez with
a young "supporter"
Chuck Hagel Doesn't like
Republicans, Jews or Gays

As Richard Fernandez notes:  There are no consequences for political failure or even consequences for crimes and corruption.  Democrats (or Republicans who support Democrats) are, with a few exceptions, not held accountable.

Robert Menendez is a shameful example.  But also Jon Corzine.  And as the Belmont Club notes, Hillary Clinton's performance in connection with Benghazi and Chuck Hagel's past comments and his pathetic performance in front of the Senate.  But we see similar things all the time such as George Bush getting the blame for the down turn and economic recession, but no accountability at all for Democrats like Barney Frank involved and mostly responsible in the matter.  Similarly, Bush getting blamed for Hurricane Katrinia when the failures really were due to Democrats Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco (and Obama getting nothing but praise for a similar performance in dealing with Hurricane Sandy).  It goes on and on.

How do they have the ability to do this?  Part of it is shameless partisanship.  Democrat politicians will protect their own (like Harry Reid saying Menendez did nothing wrong...).  And it especially helps to have a media that bends over backwards to protect Democrats and fellow liberals.

I can understand Democrats defending Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over Benghazi (even if what they did was terribly wrong and a cover up of their incompetence).  But the media should at least evenly call them on it (as they would for any Republican in such a position).  But the kid glove treatment for Corzine, Menendez, and Hagel by Democrats and the liberal media is just especially shameful and disgraceful.  It is unhealthy for Democrats and the country to protect and promote this (by not acting to curtail it themselves).

TOM notes:  Time to wake up about the Fox Trap.  It is not enough.
Fernandez/Belmont Club: Why Bob Menendez might survive this...
Is Bob Menendez doomed?  

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