Sunday, February 3, 2013

Northern Flying Tree Squirrel

The Northern Flying Tree Squirrel in "flight"...
Rocket J. Squirrel "Rocky"
These squirrels are cute and more common than you might think.  While reported endangered in this article, these are isolated pockets and southern flying squirrels are competing with them (draw your own analogies for that).
The light green is the range of the Northern Flying Squirrel
The Southern Flying Squirrel's range
over laps that of its northern cousin.
Most people never see them because they are nocturnal.  It is especially exciting when the cat gets one alive and brings it in the house.  They may not fly but they certainly can jump and will do so to get away.  Fortunately the squirrel was caught and safely let go (while the cat was locked up in a room, upset that his trophy got away).  

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