Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hot Hobbit Women Rule 5

Or we could call them the sultry sirens of the Shire...but I am sorry.  There appears to be a lack of Hobbit women in The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey (although we did get Rosie Cotton in the original trilogy in The Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King).  

Update:  Reason gives a fair review of the movie.  I agree.  The film is not great, not terrible, but hopefully the next installations are better.  

So, given the lack of material, I am forced to substitute this gif of Jessica Alba instead.  

It is not widely known, but many beautiful women are quite attracted to Hobbit men.

You know what they say:
Big feet...big other things.  
While there are an almost complete lack of Hobbit women, there are some elf women.  Here is Evangeline Lilly in a back stage gif:

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