Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anne Hathaway "devastated" and "sad" after her "down under" bottomless wardrobe malfunction?

Seems like the only "malfunction" is Anne Hathaway forget to put on underwear?  
I like how she deflected Matt Lauer's question back to Les Misérables, even though her explanation is a bunch of nonsense.  But I like Anne Hathaway so she gets a pass.  And I am sure a few people like seeing Anne Hathaway bottomless.

And what is with those leggings?  It is like Flashdance meets formal Forest Gump braces.

Here are some more pictures from the New York premier of Les Misérables:
Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfriend

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  1. I missed Joan Rivers' take on this last on "Fashion Police." My wife and daughter watch it and I always listen in vicariously.


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