Saturday, November 24, 2012

Looking for Opportunity: Go West (or East) Young Man...

The "go west" part still works, but unfortunately not the rest of it.

You may have to go farther than you think...
In the past, Americans often took foreign jobs for the adventure or because their career field demanded overseas work. Today, these young people are leaving because they can’t find jobs in the United States. They’re leaving because the jobs they do find often don’t offer benefits such as health insurance. They’re leaving because the gloomy atmosphere of the American economy makes it hard to break through with a new innovative idea or business model. “This is a huge movement,” says Bob Adams, president and chief executive of America Wave, an organization that studies overseas relocation.
I am all for working overseas, but that comment about breaking through with innovative ideas or business models is depressing.

As an expatriate you do get the first $95,100 tax free (at least from the IRS).  

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