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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Romney debate reflections...Don't get cocky!

Romney had a very good night.  Great.  I do like this article.  I hope the Romney optimists are right.  But it was just one night and the election is still far from over.

Jeff Goldstein offers some drunken cynicism (update: actually drunken realism...and here is more morning cold water).  He has a point.  My expectations are not that high for Romney (he was not my first choice for Republican candidate), but he is far better than the alternative of Barack Obama being reelected.  I consider Barack Obama that bad.  And I think Romney could do some good for the economy and country.  Romney needed to have a clear win tonight to shake things up.  He did that.  Obama will be far more dangerous in Debates 2 and 3.  But remember, states are already voting and that will pick up considerably over the next week or so.   

Still, never underestimate the lengths Team Obama will go to steal this election.

Update (a few cautionary flashbacks):
Panic at the White House
Cornered Sewer Rats...

Update:  The one video that will really matter for this Election...


  1. "Don't get cocky!" Great minds! As I tweeted to my followers minutes after the debate concluded:
    "... Mitt done good tonight. But, in the immortal words of Han Solo, "Don't get cocky!"

  2. Gosh, performance issues on the night of your anniversary. Can't a guy get a break?

    1. I would make a joke, but it would be mean. So I wont.

  3. I think they're gonna try to steal the election somehow. I think we need a tremendously good turnout to counteract their Chicago ways.


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