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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mitt Romney won Debate Round One...

How do I know that? Because even Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow are saying Obama needs to pick up his game in Debates Two and Three...

Man oh man that 4th martini is just sublime...

And yes this is what the election is all about.  Oh btw, O'Donnell kept saying we will not know how the President did until the polls come out four days from now.

And Bill Maher and Andrew Sullivan crying about Obama losing...yeah he lost.  Big time.  

Chris Matthew:  "What was Romney doing tonight?  He was winning!"

Update:  Why should Obama lose?  He answers that question himself.  


  1. What the heck is Romney's tax plan? Was anyone paying attention? He just threw everything he's said up till now overboard.

    1. Nice try anonymous, but Obama is the one who came off as a dope tonight.

  2. EBL; we should go to Mother Jones' site and rub it in. Then again, she seems to pick and choose which comments she allows....whodathunk?

    Oct. 11 shall be a real treat.

    1. You should go on every lefty site that will let you speak.


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