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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Joe Biden's comment to dad of fallen SEAL Tyrone Woods (at the memorial service): "Did your sons always have balls the size of cueballs?’”

Biden is unfit to be Vice President
Barack Obama is unfit to be President
Thursday on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn interviewed Charles Woods whose son Tyrone Woods, a former Navy SEAL, was killed during the attacks on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi. The interview is one of the first he had done since his son’s death. During his talk with Glenn, he revealed the shocking details of his meetings with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to Woods, none of our country’s leaders were empathetic with his situation, nor were they honest about what really happened to his son. And it has only been through his personal faith that he has remained centered and calm through this tragedy. [...] 
“There were four pods at Andrews Air Force Base and when he (Obama) came over to where we were I could tell he was very conflicted person who was not at peace with himself. Shaking hands with him quite frankly was like shaking hands with a dead fish. His face was pointed towards me but he would not look me in the eye. His eyes were over my shoulder and not in a forceful voice said ‘I’m really sorry Mr. Woods.’” 
“And I could tell he was not sorry. He had no remorse,” Woods continued.
“The Vice President was also there,” Woods explained. “He said ‘I’m Joe Biden’. He said he had received one of these ‘damn phone calls’ when he had lost a family member. And then about a half hour later he approached me and said – and these are the exact words he said I don’t speak like this – quote and in an extremely loud and boisterous voice he said: ‘Did your sons always have balls the size of cueballs?’” 
“I will ask you the question: Is that the voice of someone who is truly sorry?” Woods asked Glenn.
h/t:  Protein Wisdom

Did the White House watch as they fought for their lives?

Instapundit notes:

#BENGHAZI: “The stunning part of the story is that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed 60 of the attacking force. Once the compound was overrun, the attackers were incensed to discover that just two men had inflicted so much death and destruction.” Just think how much could have been accomplished if they’d had the support of their Commander-in-Chief.


  1. Disgraceful!! Pure and simple both of these men have to go!! This is not what America is about!!

    1. I cannot imagine ever saying something like that at a time like that. I fully agree with your sentiments.


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