Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vintage Halloween Rule 5

Dusty Anderson
Betty Grable
Dusty Anderson 1945 (cat costumes almost always work, Heidi Klum is of course the exception)

If Dusty Anderson ran for the Senate in Delaware, she might have won!  
Veronica Lake is boiling some trouble...
Eva Gabor is a good witch too

Jeanne Crain
Janis Paige, Peggy Knudsen & Martha Vickers bobbing for apples

No idea who this is, but I like the photo

Carole Lombard

Pier Angeli, circa 1950s
Esther Williams
Yvonne De Carlo, like I said the cat costumes generally work.
Rosalind Russel and Esther Williams
Anne Nagel

Anne Nagel
Rule 5!


  1. Replies
    1. Some stunning pictures! The old school way of promoting a holiday.

  2. evil blogging lady and halloween - bread and butter...

    will be linking in a couple of days


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