Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Obama, Obama, there are a still a billion Osamas!"

Rush Limbaugh noted this today on his show:  There is talk that this movie (below) motivated the violence in Egypt and Libya (and also Sudan) but apparently all that foot ball spiking by the Democrats over the killing of Osama bin Laden may have sparked these attacks.  It was of course the right call to go after Osama bin Laden (personally I would have taken him alive if possible rather than shoot him), but our President and the State Department were wrong to place blame on some private film maker.  

The crowd was chanting "Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas" when they stormed the U.S. Embassy in Egypt.  

Blaming this mess on some youtube clip is misdirection.  This was not spontaneous, the attacks were planned and organized to be on September 11.  So how is that Arab Spring working out?  The lamestream media is too busy blaming Mitt Romney!  This is Barack Obama's foreign policy that is imploding.  Mitt Romney had nothing to do with it, other than acting like a President should when he heard about it.

As Andrew McCarthy notes:
To attack another country’s embassy is an act of war. Now, some will be quick to point out that our embassy was not attacked by the Egyptian regime. That is no defense. Everybody was on notice that there might be rioting today. It was in anticipation of trouble that the State Department issued its despicable statement — putting the blame for violence on American free speech rather than Islamist savagery. Further, it was almost exactly a year ago that an Egyptian mob stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo, doing almost exactly what they did today: scaling the embassy walls, tearing down the Israeli flag, and replacing it with the Egyptian and Palestinian flags.
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  1. all of this is prelude to Egypt's takeover of Libya's resources using the best-armed, best-trained military in the region. It's the best our taxpayers can provide.

    From there we can expect....

  2. The acting and sets in that movie are pretty awful, but I loved it.



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