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Saturday, September 1, 2012

James Lipton is sad about Clint Eastwood's speech since it was vulgar and insulted the President...

I am sorry James "The Pimp" Lipton's delicate sensibilities
were disturbed by Clint Eastwood's speech.

But if a Republican wore that outfit he would 

be deemed racist or at least in bad taste!
I found Eastwood's speech really funny.  I especially liked his lines about Biden, but Eastwood's jabs on the President were frankly spot on.  And it is telling how quick the media is in defending Barack Obama.  And it seemed to bother Obama.

But I make this observation about Mr. Lipton: When did he ever defend any attacks on any Republican presidents?  I do not recall him ever defending George W. Bush in particular?

And when Obama supporters accuse Mitt Romney and other Republicans of lies, where is James Lipton to stand up against such vulgarity?  Not only is Lipton silent about that, here is Lipton himself making fun of Mitt Romney for not acting "human."  

Lipton noted that Norman Mailer said Eastwood was the most "American" of actors...


  1. Honestly never heard of this human. Why waste space on him?

    1. He is the pompous windbag that does The Actors Studio interviews. Will Farrell used to do a pretty funny parody of him on SNL.

    2. Very good article over at Townhall, interpreting Eastwood's speech as going Alinsky on Obama. Can't say as I disagree with the analysis and can't says as I disagree with using their tactics against them.


    3. I meant "windbag" in a generic way, not referring to you of course!

    4. @anonymous..never heard of James Lipton? Really ..you are quite the fool. Actors take an appearance on his show as a sign of having done well with regard to the art of acting.

  2. Thanks. I started to protest, but decided to let it pass, since this is friendly territory.

  3. Well, I got my laugh for today looking at that photo. I've never heard of him either, and I can see that I haven't missed anything.


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