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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eastwood's "Empty Chair" Represents Something... Update: Labor Day is Empty Chair Day!

I thought Eastwood's speech was funny that night.  But I did not realize how much it would upset the left!  Even Barack Obama did not ignore it (which suggests it is worrying Obama 2012).  The over-reaction from the left to Clint Eastwood's speech, from Ana Marie Cox's #Eastwooding to James Lipton's profound sadness, shows it was more successful than people imagined. It should be a theme at the Democratic National Convention! It worked for Romney Ryan 2012!  Romney-Ryan got a 6 point bounce from the RNC.

Update:  Professor Jacobson is attempting to have Labor Day Monday (September 3) as Empty Chair Day.  And to those lefties that say Clint Eastwood's speech was a disaster:  the recent data definitely does not support that.  So put out a chair today and do it for Breitbart!

"Of course we know Biden is the intellectual of the Democratic Party..."

Oregon Muse at Ace is spot on with this:

The New York Times carefully worked on this article.  Note the editorial flourishes like Romney standing next to fake log columns in an Idaho report.  Clint Eastwood is portrayed as completely rogue,  and according to the writer Romney's staff were baffled and the effect was damaging to Romney's efforts.  That is complete and utter nonsense.  I disagree with Maher a lot lately, but he is spot on correct with this assessment.  Eastwood did a great job with that speech.  It also appealed to a lot more Florida voters than it offended (by a 2:1 margin).  And the fact we are discussing it days later shows how effective it was.

Jonah Goldberg liked it too.  So did Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh.  It was funny and effective.  


  1. The Berlin Wall fell when people over there started laughing at the Commies. The left cannot stand up to laughter, it's the one thing that the coercive left cannot handle. Eastwood gave the country permission to laugh at this sad bunch of mangy clowns.

    1. Spot on Peter. They cannot stand being laughed at.

  2. It's ironic that you're a big Dylan fan. You either haven't listened to his lyrics, or you haven't understood them; I'm guessing the latter.

    1. I think you posted here by mistake? I am also not a big Dylan fan, you must have me confused with Ann Althouse.


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