Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It is a political protest so the question is should it be covered by citizen journalists? NSFW

Are they just a bunch of boobs or is there more to this story?
If only for Rule 5 purposes alone, the answer is yes (and no).  Go to the link and look at the pictures and it is self evident which should be covered and which should not!
h/t: Althouse

Some very strong argumentative points in support of her position..

Update:   Jeff Goldstein notes lefties and some conservatives are all excited about a satirical story about Todd Akin and the benefits of breast milk.  I am sure the La Leche League is all over this!  And what about Mayor Bloomberg?  Apparently most leftists and sadly some conservatives do not know what satirical means.  I blame our failed education system!


  1. MSM guilty of 'Butterface journalism'!

    1. Yes it is. But this is a story that needs to be exposed in part and covered in part.

  2. Female breasts are not inherently sexual. They have been culturally sexualized because of religion telling us they should be covered. Prior to the American occupation of Japan after WW 2, it was common for women to be topless in public in Japan. The Americans brought the Judea-Christian "morals" and forced them upon the Japanese culture. The only reason anyone finds women's breasts erotic is because we're told we're not allowed to see them.

  3. God, that is just plain stupid.

  4. Much as I believe in Equality in speech, wages, dress and just about every practical area, my legitimacy drops away appallingly as this is quite simply the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen. Somehow my mind-and, believe it or not, it functions unbelievably well most of the time, can't get far past this. Apart, that is to point out that breasts are erotic as they are erogenous in an by themselves, quite apart from the fact we are all programmed to head for them instinctively and therefore, they fascinate. I have rarely met anyone that doesn't derive pleasure from physical interaction with breasts either. How I wish I was in Washington that day in 2012...


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