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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's thug staffer: "You're messing with the wrong people" And Elizabeth Warren, rather than firing him, lies and tries to cover it up.

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection noted how Elizabeth Warren's staffers are getting thuggish.  Elizabeth Warren's staffer states to the photographer:   "You're messing with the wrong people"  

Update:  Elizabeth Warren's cabbie lies get even weirder!

Elizabeth Warren responded that the individual involved was just a cab driver unaffiliated to her or her campaign.  Turns out that statement by Elizabeth Warren was a lie:
The thug "cabdriver" Morgan Reitzas with Elizabeth Warren and her husband (from Warren's facebook page)
Of course there is a cultural explanation for all of this:  Morgan Reitzas just wanted to count coup for Elizabeth "Pseudojawea" Warren!


  1. Hope that she's the democratic nominee for 2016. she'll get thrashed

    1. If she loses in this Senate race, she will be dead to the Democrat Party.


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