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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whatever happens this morning: It will be a big f'n deal! Update: A big day for taxes!

Separated at Birth:  John Roberts and...?

Legal Insurrection is a good place to go too.

Stolen Valor ruled over broad for 1st amendment (and unconstitutional) but Congress could redraft. Decision is 6-3, with Alito, Thomas, and Scalia in dissent.

Obamacare:  The individual mandate survives as a tax.  Big fn deal for Obama!  Basically with some limitation on the medicare provisions, it survives.  Roberts was the swing vote.  Statist.

From a  commentor: "The US Constitution was already dead, but this qualifies as necrophilia" Pretty damn accurate

Jeff Goldstein:  I told you so.  

EBL:  Roll up those sleeves and put on those waders...  Roberts ain't no Hercules.  

As for Roberts.  I get Roberts is playing chess (at least Roberts thinks so) and that this decision is very Holmes-like.  Yes it is nuanced and has limitations on the commerce clause and certainly on mandates.  Yes it may help tip this election to Mitt Romney and may prompt Congress to do some heavy lifting for a change.  Still, it is a grave disappointment.  He could have gone with the dissent and still written the opinion he did.  Rather he wanted to look independent and he is at his heart a Statist.

Here is the Obamacare opinion...


  1. Is there a site to view their opionions?

    1. Thanks. Apparently, I need to copy/paste it as the boys say it is an earful. (What's new......?)


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