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Monday, May 21, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain and his family flee for safety. Credible threats from leftist terrorist and convicted felon Brett Kimberlin. Update: More need to speak out on this and thanks to those who have done so.

Who is Brett Kimberlin and why should we care...
Stacy McCain has left their home in Maryland due to threats from felon and leftist terrorist Brett Kimberlin.  The financial burden of this to Robert Stacy McCain (beyond the obvious stress of the situation) is enormous.  This is how the radical left rolls, by intimidation and thuggery.  If you can help Stacy, hit his tip jar.  Instapundit on The Other McCain's reporting.

Update post from Robert Stacy Mccain (from an undisclosed location)

Here is some more from (there are more but here are some):
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Update:  Dan Riehl says Kimberlin is going down.  Dan Riehl is probably right that the risk is not likely, but if your family gets threatened do you take the chance (even if it is remote)?  There is no right answer here.  Each person has to make that decision on their own.

Update II:
Thanks for the link and welcome Small Dead Animal readers.

Update III:
More Da Tech Guy and the silence of the media...
Goldfish and Clowns  (a call out to others)
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Who is Brett Kimberlin...


  1. Thanks, Evi.

    The key is to keep sending out the word about this story.

    Heck, HillBuzz has now covered it:


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