Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map: Romney has a tough fight ahead

*The above map assumes Romney wins Indiana
2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map:
  • Romney has to win every state John McCain won in 2008 (now worth 180 electoral votes due to redistricting).  He should be able to do this.  
  • Romney has to win back traditional GOP states (that Obama took in 2008) of Indiana*, North Carolina, and Virginia (worth 39 electoral votes).  Indiana and North Carolina (at least today) would vote for Romney over Obama.  Virginia will be tougher.  
  • Romney has to win the battle ground states of Ohio and Florida  (worth 47 electoral votes).   
VotesRemainingMust Win (for 270)
 Democrats21753PA,WI,CO,IA,NV,NH1 Winning Combination »
 Republicans2664--6 Winning Combinations »
New! Ties
  • Romney has to win one more toss up state to push him over 270 electoral votes.    
You can go on the link and try your own combinations.

Michael Medved offers disaster scenerios if Romney wins electoral votes but loses the popular vote to Obama.  To some extent that is future tripping.  At this point Romney cannot assume any state is won.  There are other reasons for Romney to visit some of these blue states.

Update:  Don't be over confident.  Daily Kos is likely correct on some of these state numbers.  

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