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Friday, May 18, 2012

The real message of the Obama born in Kenya bio...

A lot of folks in the main stream media drank the Kool Aid...
I am not a birther (and Andrew Breitbart was not either).  It is funny to see the left falling all over themselves over this being a mistake of the literary agent. While possible, there is another explanation.

I assume Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.  The chances of him being born in Kenya are remote and unlikely.  I have also heard all the birther arguments about natural born citizens, but the modern interpretation of what natural born means includes Barack Obama.  It is a moot point anyway, he is elected. Once in office the only legal mechanism for removing a President is incapacity or impeachment.  Or in the case of Barack Obama, the easiest way to make a change would be in not re-electing him for a second term.

But what is amazing is this story remained hidden for five years.  I wonder who knew about it and did not report it intentionally before the 2008 election.  And while it is possible this was just an error by the agent (a rather embarrassing one), it is also possible that Mr. Obama has played fast and loose with his background.  Did he change his birth certificate to hide a designation of Muslim on it (to me not a big deal other than trying to cover it up)?

Did he lie on applications to Punahoe, Columbia, and Harvard?  It seems odd a kid who self admittedly did not apply himself in high school managed to go from Occidental to Columbia (mid stream) and then on to Harvard Law [ed].  Who was pulling the strings for young Obama?

And did he embellish his background in 1991 in an attempt to sell a book?

I completely agree with Roger Simon this is creepy, but with one caveat:  It was not easily found with a google search.  Because one of the birthers would have found it back in 2008.  It was intentionally hidden.  The question is by who?

That is the real creepy part.

Check this out:  They change the bio two months after Barack Obama announces he was running for president.  Who knew about it and how did the press not get wind of this?
Media still ignoring or running cover for Barack Obama on this story...
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  1. (including transferring from Columbia to Harvard midstream in a manner that you should not be able to do).

    Get your facts straight. After Obama attended Occidental for two years, he transferred to Columbia, where he got his Bachelor's degree.

    He then went to Harvard Law.

    It seems odd a kid who self admittedly did not apply himself in high school managed to score admittance to best high school in Hawaii....
    He was admitted to Punahou School for fifth grade, and continued on through high school.

    Perhaps the sentence should be rewritten thusly:
    "It seems odd a kid who self admittedly did not apply himself in high school managed to score admittance to Columbia, especially as a transfer student."

  2. Did some student get denied admission to Harvard Law because this guy fraudulently claimed to be born in Kenya to get additional diversity points. We know diversity is much more important than academic ability, right?


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