Monday, April 16, 2012

The Obama Administration looks out for its own: Jon Corzine "loses" more than a billion dollars of investor funds, is caught in a lie to Congress, and faces no charges; woman studying whales (not harming them) faces prison...

A new addition to the hall of fame of New Jersey gangsters
Democrat Jon Corzine
Former New Jersey U.S. Senator Jon Corzine (Democrat) is not prosecuted for "losing" 1.2 billion dollars of investor funds and then lying under oath about transfers.  While a researcher who allegedly lied under oath about whistling at a whale faces potential prison time.   It must have been a really sexist war on women whale whistle to warrant this effort by the government.

Team Obama looks out for its own.  Protein Wisdom has more: 

A government big enough to imprison you for whistling at a whale — or rather, for supposedly lying to DOJ prosecutors about an alleged whale whistle infraction — is a government that has grown at once too big and too insular.  A “living” rule of law is not a rule of law at all:  instead, it is tyranny dressed up in the trappings of impartial justice rigged to aid the connected and punish the “masses” under the capricious heel of an out of control Leviathan.
And the sad part is, there’s such “comity” on the GOP side of the governing aisle — a kind of deference to others within the ruling class, regardless of political party — that Republicans not only won’t make use of Corzine’s thievery, they likely won’t even mention it for fear of having Obama tether it to Wall Street Romney.
Jeff Goldstein is absolutely right about out of control government and complicity by the Republicans in not taking a stand against it.  Obama says he will use force to redistribute wealth.  Romney should raise this issue and take it head on.  Well Mitt won't, but who knows maybe Ann will.  And Mark Levin is right:  I would be pleased if Mitt Romney could just say this...

Obama and Chavez are simpatico...
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