Saturday, April 7, 2012

John Derbyshire's Talk: You have no right to judge...

The "talk" John Derbyshire gives to his children.  If that site is not working, Twitchy has it screen capped.

Here is some more practical advice "the talk" to those who want to take on race in America (especially conservatives)  (Never get outa the boat...)
The Other McCain on Rich Lowry's response...

EBL post:
John Derbyshire's "Talk"

Rich Lowry:  Derbyshire and NRO parting ways...  (Kurtz:  "You have the right to kill me, you have the right to do that...").
Where is the outrage of the left over Marion Barry's racist comments?

Blogger The Crack Emcee said...Another PC witch hunt? Great. People love being hypocrites nowadays.
I read it, I liked it, and if you don't, nuts. The truth hurts and outrage from idiots doesn't make them right.
Good luck, Derb - keep hitting them where it hurts.4/7/12 3:23 PM
Maybe a little Star Trek will help... 
Instapundit and Roger Kimball:  So much for that frank conversation on race...
John O'Sullivan at the Corner...


  1. So... I have no right to judge?

    To clarify your position is that one need be perfect in order to judge?

    Thus, if I drive a car I can not hold BP accountable for destroying the Gulf and receiving Millions of Americna Tax Payer dollars which they turn around and use to bribe Azerbajian Governmental leaders so they can steal without regard to damage or people killed by the extraction the Oil of the Caspian Sea.

    You will excuse me if I find your position to be utter BS.

    1. Get a friggin life. It is a movie jackass.

      I was also talking about National Review (who cares what you think). They have the right to fire him or not. National Review fired him.

      But let's talk about BP (since you raised it). They were one of Barack Obama's biggest supporters. They were a huge Democratic Party contributor. And you are right, they are getting lots of tax loopholes and other crony capital benefits. Sort of hypocritical, isn't it? I agree it is BS. You should hold the Democrats responsible for that.


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