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Saturday, April 7, 2012

John Derbyshire got fired for his "talk": So where the outrage of the left over these racist comments by Marion Barry?

District of Columbia Councilman and former mayor Marion Barry said last week that Asians and their "dirty businesses" have to "get the hell out" of the District of Columbia  So was that racist?  Is that acceptable behavior by a politician (in this case a Democratic politician)?  Obvious there is some support for what Barry said given this YouTube post's title.
Fortunately there are some voices in the Black community which are not buying this nonsense from Barry.
And Black leaders who are not buying the nonsense from Al Sharpton.

Michelle Malkin has more on Marion Barry and the Left's hatred of Asian businesses...

John Derbyshire lost his job over the "talk" he gives his kids and chose to publish at a different website (presumably without the knowledge of National Review).  A quick perusal of liberal websites will show many commentators saying this shows the endemic nature of the right and conservatives.  Derbyshire is not a politician, he is a writer.  Marion Barry is a Democratic Party leader and public official.

And let's remember the context of John Derbyshire's comments:  
But given that [Derbyshire's post] was written in the context of bounties on George Zimmerman, or Spike Lee Tweeting out home addresses, or Al Sharpton — who is invited to Easter breakfast at the WH — actively working to incite violence and subvert the justice system, well, it expresses a kind of anxiety that exists in the culture right now.
Oh guess what, you can only be racist if you are Anglo or Northern European!  At least according to the liberal commentators at The Atlantic:

Correction, Barry is a member of the DC council. He is a former Mayor. Being Black doesn't mean that you are incapable of being bigoted, close midend, or Stupid. However since Racism requires one to have the political and economic means of imposing your beliefs through statutory and institutional means, I think even the paranoid tin foiled hatted among you can understand that there is little (close to non existant) means for someone who is not of Anglo or Northern European descent to be Racist.
As Andrew Brietbart used to say:  "How they reveal themselves!"  The dishonesty of the comment above is just amazing but sadly not that uncommon.  I think it is fair to say Councilman Barry has more political and economic means of imposing his beliefs than John Derbyshire has.  

The Crack Emcee over at Althouse has a different take from Vpolmac:

Blogger The Crack Emcee said...Another PC witch hunt? Great. People love being hypocrites nowadays.
I read it, I liked it, and if you don't, nuts. The truth hurts and outrage from idiots doesn't make them right.
Good luck, Derb - keep hitting them where it hurts.4/7/12 3:23 PM


  1. I have not read Derbyshire's piece because I stopped reading his crap over ten years ago. I cancelled my subscription to NR largely in protest of his repulsiveness. When I e-mailed NR I told them that they would continue to lose credibility and readership if they continued employing that cretin. So, I can't intelligently comment on the crisis at hand, but I can say that I'm happy that loathsome being has a smaller audience. Whether or not he was fairly tossed doesn't bother me in the least.

    In a sane world, Barry's comments would end his career.

    1. Barry is treated to some different standard by the media and the Democratic Party. It is a form of condescension.

    2. One of the frustrations in trying to educate/debate liberals is their total denial of media bias and their disregard for facts. Conservatives begin to sound like whiny children when we constantly point out the double standards of the media. How many sentences have we began with "If [insert any Republican name here] had done that?" We would sound like Borat and the grocery store clerk in the cheese aisle if we pointed out every instance every day.

    3. That is so true windbag. Of course we have to not just ignore the double standard either.

  2. Nothing Derbyshire wrote in Taki's ezine was false. The facts were facts, and the conclusions drawn from these facts reasonable and prudent.

    The advice he described is that which guides the behavior of every sane American. In fact, it's the advice a prudent black parent would give to her child.

    1. The cites Derbyshire debated are not conclusive "facts." They can be debated. Most of Derbyshire's conclusions were his own subjective beliefs and are not true or false. They just are. Most of his statements were about keeping his family safe. They were not intended to hurt any persons, only to protect his own.

      I disagree in part. Then again, bad things do happen in black neighborhoods.

    2. Derbyshire's #11 is flat out wrong. I do not think you can draw that conclusion. But that is his take. If you agree, so be it. I disagree.


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