Thursday, April 19, 2012

¡Ay, caramba! Photo of one of the Colombian prostitutes who were with the Secret Service agents...Fotos de la prostituta colombiana que estaba en disputa con los agentes del Servicio Secreto ...Update: Russian Spies? Espías rusos!

Woman who brought down Secret Service...
I hope they offered to pay for birth control!  
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Mark Steyn:  Hookers bring Secret Service to their knees...

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Hookers or Russian Spies?   I do not know if they were Russian spies, but Senator Grassley has a point.  They certainly could have been spying (or worse).  The issue is the safety of the President and the compromise of National Security.  Both are implicated by such a breach.  When you are on duty and representing your country on a security and diplomatic mission, your guard has to be up 24/7 while in country.   And yes, the White House and the State Department have to have their staff looked at (independently) to make sure there were no breaches of security by those personnel.  


  1. Drudge's headline reads WOMAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN SECRET SERVICE



  2. Let this be a lesson all you men out there, if your going to dally outside your realm, do not be cheap, especially after you agreed on a price. This probably would have never happened if he paid up as he promised. Depending wether or not it was a set up of course. But $30 for an agreed $800 all nighter. She later said she was finally paid $250, still not even close. That said, did the men of the Secret Service represent their jobs and themselves in the proper light, no. So of course the heads must role of the men directly involved. The heads of their office have the reasonable expectation of trained men to do their jobs and do not baby sit. But it should end there. We know these men did not plan to lose their jobs, plan to humiliate their families or the Pres. But they did and now they will pay and forever be an example of what not to do to future classes of thesecret service agents.
    so o

  3. THANKS TO the venerable Secret service Colombian prostitutes are now highly paid and highly respected. If a gringo fails to pay the agreed price, oh oh hell will break loose for the customer and his family. $800 dollars for a trick? she probably has a vagina covered with gold and gold is expensive these days.


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