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Separated at Birth: Andrew Sullivan and...?

Separated at Birth:  Andrew Sullivan and ...
Andrew Sullivan,  
Daily Beast Contributor
Rabid Obama Supporter
Michael Medved,
 Daily Beast Contributor
Rabid Romney Supporter

Michael?  Is there something you want to tell us?  Do you think there is just a wee bit of hysteria in all of this?  Hmmm, hysteria, conservative politics, destroying the opposition, where have we seen that before? 

Andrew Sullivan endorses Rick Santorum for the GOP nomination:
I am relieved [Santorum] is at least candid. For now we can see in plain view the religious fanaticism that has destroyed one of the major parties in this country, a destruction that is perilous for any workable politics. It must be defeated - and not by electing a plastic liar and panderer like Romney. But by nominating Santorum and defeating him by such a margin that this theo-political Frankenstein, which threatens both genuine faith and civil politics, is dispatched once and for all.
Did Santorum make Excitable Andrew Sullivan feel bad about himself?  Rick Santorum is an observant Catholic (unlike that other Catholic that Andrew Sullivan thinks was such a model of presidential virtue).  But Santorum has said flat out that he would not restrict contraception.  Santorum has said that just because he talks about an issue, doesn't mean he is going to take presidential action on an issue.   The reason that Santorum's moral message has appeal in America of 2012 is there is a demonstrable moral decline occurring.   In terms of success, as shown demographically, the stogie values of 1960 are the ones that successful people adopt.  And yes, success is in many ways due to old fashioned attitudes like hard work, discipline, marriage, and commitment.  I understand that Santorum opposes same sex marriage (and I also disagree with Mr. Santorum on that issue).    But Barack Obama said he thought marriage should be limited to one man and one woman too and that his Christianity was the basis of that belief.  But of course we all know Barack Obama really did not mean that.  And apparently, that sort of moral pandering and subterfuge is the model for a good president?  Sullivan of course ignores that in terms of same sex marriage and instead focused on when Obama has done similar things on health care.  But is Andrew Sullivan calling for repeal of Obamacare?  Nope.  Hey if you are not a true believer of the neo-Gaiaism New Ageism that passes as supposed rational thought, you must hate the earth!  Christianist!  

As far as passing an amendment to ban abortion--the country is still roughly evenly divided over this issue (although the majority now support greater restrictions on late term abortion) and I doubt NARAL and Amanda Marcotte can start a civil war over it (although if a President Santorum gets to pick a replacement for one of the liberal Supreme Court justices, they just may try).  And given how difficult it is to pass a constitutional amendment, Andrew can stop hyperventilating and can safely hit his medical marijuana bong again--a President Santorum is probably not going to be able to pass an amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman.  What absolute horror would take place if Santorum got elected?  A more balanced budget?  Cuts to entitlements?   Perhaps the possibility the United States will not end up like this in a few years?  Rather than panicking over the possibility of Santorum, why isn't Sullivan (who still have the gaul to call himself conservative) panicking over the damage Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing?  

Michael Medved also panics that Rick Santorum might win the GOP nomination, fearing that a Santorum ticket would have such negative coattails as to not only lose the general presidential election, but to lose the House and Senate to the Democrats:
Democrats promising to spend hundreds of millions in a determined bid to recapture the House, and with Republicans mounting a supreme effort to win the four Democratic seats they need to win control of the Senate, the members of Congress naturally want a candidate at the top of the ticket who will make their own races easier, not harder. Even veteran incumbents with only token opposition still care deeply about the overall outcome: if the GOP loses the House, then Republicans must give up all the committee chairmanships and other prerogatives of power they currently enjoy.
I expect this sort of thing from Sullivan, but the hyperventilating and defeatism over Santorum by supposed conservatives like Ann Coulter, Chris Christie, Karl Rove, and Jennifer Rubin is getting tiresome.  And what is Michael Medved smoking?  If you guys are for Mitt Romney, then support Mitt Romney.  This defeatist talk in Medved's column about how inevitable Barack Obama is pathetic and also untrue!  Glenn Reynolds is no Santorum fan, but he acknowledges that the attacks on him as unelectable have been unfair.  I have been critical of Rick Santorum and warned him not to be a nanny stater or alienate folks who could be potential allies.  And it is possible Rick Santorum could blow it.  But if Santorum does become the nominee, I am going to support him (and also encourage him to win).   Plus Obama's victory is not guaranteed.  These conservative pundits can support whoever they want, but remember the Left will be trying to destroy Romney as the nominee as much as Santorum in the general.  I would rather have a conservative fighting than see another 2008 election.

original hat tip:  Spy Magazine

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