Monday, January 9, 2012

Blasphemy, The Curse of Trooper York: The New York Giants are doomed and will not win the Super Bowl until it is lifted...

Saint Vincent Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers
Exit for Vince Lombardi Service Plaza, New Jersey Turnpike
You will never touch his trophy again.
The Cubs have their goat.   The Red Sox had the Curse of the Bambino.  The New York (but wait they play in New a land fill) Giants now have the Curse of Trooper York.  Trooper York has gone too far.  With this and with this post blasphemy, he has invoked the wrath of Vince Lombardi.    Trooper York has invoked the "Ricky Branch*" curse.  Trooper has incurred all the curses on the Giants.  The penalties will be harsh.  The Giants will never touch the Vince Lombardi Trophy again until it is lifted.

* yes, I know.  Ask TY.

A tale of two fan sites...

Update:  30/13 with 5:23 remaining...I am starting to be concerned. 


  1. Trooper York has invoked the "Ricky Branch" curse


  2. HAHA! Trooper, you did it now, but the Packers will win fair and square anyway.

  3. Replies
    1. I will be the first to congratulate the Giants if Greenbay loses today. It is not going to happen. But cheer up it is okay to lose to the best. I was banned from Big Blue Interactive. But I told them I would go on every thread and congratulate the Giants if they did win.

  4. It will be very, very embarassing if the 15-1 packers followed by a wave of grown men and women waering foam cheese hats go down at the hands of the Giants again...

    1. It would be embarrassing if that did happen today. But it will not. But the Giants are a class act. Not criminals thugs like the Eagles or posers like the Cowboys. But there is no shame in losing to the best team, which of course is Greenbay.


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