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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Stephen Colbert Capitol Insurection


Stephen Colbert sends his staff to get into the Capitol (they knew they were not supposed to be there because they were ejected earlier). Even Triumph the Insult Dog (and the guy with his hand up his ass) got arrested. One of Adam Schiff's staffers let them in. This is during the faux outrage over the January 6 hearings. They got busted.  

I do not see how so many Jan 6 protesters are getting six month (or more) sentances and some being held without bail and Colbert and his staff get to joke about it.  If you are going to slam people for doing this, slam them equally. They deserve horsewhipping for hypocrisy. Throw the book at the J16 Colbert Crew!

American Greatness: Justice for J16

The Lid: Adam Schiff Recycling “I Have Evidence Against Trump…But I Can’t Reveal It” Lie

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  1. Every Jan 6th sightseer should have their lawyers demanding their RELEASE for time served and push for EQUITY for violating Congress! Colbert should also be arrested since he most likely planned this as a comic event! Time for the Justice Department to show it's NOT CORRUPT!


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