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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Saint Pancake 🥞 Her Name Was Rachel Corrie 🥞


Rachel Corrie stood with Hamas death cult and remains its patron saint. Israel now needs to flatten Hamas.

Diary of Daedalus: LGF St. Pancake

I feel bad that some confused girl from Olympia, WA got radicalized and got herself personally involved in a dispute that ended up in her death. That Rachel Corrie subjectively thought Hamas were the good guys and Israel the bad guys, does not make it so. 

Israel is not perfect, but it is by far the good actor in this drama. Fatah is a kleptocracy organized crime scam running the West Bank and Hamas is an Iranian backed death cult helping to destroy Gaza. Better to point out the idiocy of this, than to let some other confused teen follow this insane path.  

This post by CBD at AoSHQ is spot on!

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