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Sunday, January 3, 2021



Behind that smug mug of his, Comey is corrupt. He is part of the establishment and they will take down anyone who gets in the way of the establishment. This government revolving door (and other forms of legalized graft) is why both parties protect the system: they get rich off it. 

They went hard after Trump and General Flynn to send a message. Chances are the FBI or the Feds will not target you? Think again. Anyone can get audited and the IRS is just as bad as the FBI. If they come knocking at your door, get a lawyer and protect yourself.  

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  1. I remember a long time ago a gentleman here in Texas had an IRS agent go after him and he could not present enough paper work to satisfy him. So he hired a private investigative service to check out the IRS agent. The next time the IRS guy called him in he laid out the paper showing all of the dirt and law breaking the IRS had in his personal life and the threat to see it would be released to the Media. The agent left him alone after that. They don't like when their shit is turned on them .


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