Thursday, December 3, 2020

Lin Wood vs. Bill Barr 🤔😬


I do not want to engage in a circular firing squad with purported Trump supporters. I trust Sydney Powell and she is sympatico with Lin Wood. Mr. Wood has some legitimate criticism of AG Barr. I appreciate what Lin Wood did with defending Richard Jewell. But given some of his rehtoric lately (such as calling for a boycott of the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections), this voting record is concerning

Conservatives and Republicans boycotting the runoff election is a bad idea. There was election fraud that tipped races and for AG Barr to suggest otherwise is infuriating. At a minimum there should be a special prosecutor appointed (a fair and objective one) to investigate this. The Democrats will continue to try to steal the Georgia run off races like they stole the White House and the Michigan Senate race, but making it easier for Chuck Schumer to take over the Senate is a bad idea.   

Ultimately, Republicans have to fight as if this was a life or death struggle, not just going along with the (sadly) normal out of power party grifting. The stakes are that high. 

AoSHQ: Morning Report 12.03.20

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