Tuesday, September 15, 2020

BLM, Antifa, And Their Comrades Are Starting Fires In The Pacific Northwest 🔥


90 Miles From Tyranny: Meet Domingo Lopez, Jr.

The fact that there is such pushback to Antifa and BLM starting fires, despite us watching Antifa and BLM start fires, confirms the left is worried about being branded with the blame. Some of this arson are deranged indvididuals (such as Mr. Lopez above) but after 100 days of watching "Peaceful Protesters" in Portland light fires and causing destruction, what do authorities expect? Maybe BLM and Antifa should stop burning down statutes, setting hotels on fire, lighting highway merdians, starting fires with fireworks, and throwing moltov cocktails.

BTW: It is not just the Pacific Northwest. 

EBL: Alek Skarlatos running for OR-4 🔥🌲

Plenty of #BLM burning in the East Coast too:

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