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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Chop Suey Day

Chop Suey was invented in America (basically stirfrying anything available)

As Chinese food goes, chop suey is pretty pedestrian. One origin story has it invented in New York on August 29, 1896. Other cities (San Francisco) dispute that with hungry gold miners being fed scraps from other people's plates by a tired cook wanting to go home.

But like the origin legends of caesar salad and buffalo wings (being thought up on a whim by frugal cooks) it did manage to have a cultural impact.  I love dishes that manage to taste good, while using up what is in the fridge. I just like stir fry with some hot pepper and a bit more bite than traditonal chop suey. I am not a fan of so much sugar in it--although some sweet and sour is fundamentally part of this dish.  

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