Monday, July 20, 2020

The Business of Drugs 💉🤑

There is no easy answer for the drug problem. In terms of govnerment regulations, there is legitimate argument to lift some of the prohibitions for research. In terms of recreational use, legalization only makes it easier for users to destroy their lives (although it would probably economically gut the criminal networks). Excessive use of alcohol and marijuana is definitely harmful, but regular use of cocaine, heroin, K2, methamphetamine, etc. are absolutely a road to ruin to anyone going down that path.

This is not just limited to the west. Drugs are greatly expanding in Southeast Asia and Africa. There are criminal networks all over the world. China is also a huge player in this (especially with fentanyl and the synthetics).

The only solution is to stop demand. How do you do that? Maybe the LDS are on to something.  

Amarylis Fox is the host.  She is good (don't hold it against her she is married to a Kennedy)

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  1. I'll add to my list and have a look as time allows.
    NetFart had a very good series on the drug culture, drug street business, etc. as well; the sad and sick underworld is shown in all it's gory glory.


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