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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mike Adams, RIP 😢😡

It is very difficult to take politically incorrect positions anywhere now a days, but certainly in accademia. Mike Adams was a happy warrior, until he wasn't. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for middle aged men, but this was more than just a suicide.

You have people who bravely resist this sort of thing. Then you have so called conservative people who don't.  As conservatives, we need to support those who take on the forces of the left. It is easier to be quiet sometimes, to stoically bear it, unitl it is not. Mike Adams was not just a suicide, but a casualty of the culture war.

This makes me profoundly sad, but also angry. We need to reach out and support those who are brave enough to go out on a limb.  The conservative movement can not just speak out when things end in tragedy.

Do not underestimate the evilness of the left. They are already actively killing those they disagree with. They will pull every dirty trick they can to get power.  God help us if they get their wishes fulfilled.

Legal Insurrection: Death of Prof. Mike Adams ruled a suicide and “what you mostly hear … is the silent majority’s silence” (update)

EBL: #BlackLivesMatter?  Bernell Tremmell (RIP) and Drew Duncomb 😢😡 and Ben Shapiro gets called out by Michelle Malkin

Instapundit: The years long attacks on Mike Adams took their toll, as they were intended to do...

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