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Monday, April 27, 2020

Waco: A Review

I missed this when it was on Paramount, but I caught Waco on Netflix. Wow.

Never. Trust. The. FBI and ATF.

Waco is well written, casted, and acted. The FBI, ATF, and federal government handled Ruby Ridge and Waco horribly. Not all the agents were bad. But the buracracy of those agencies had its own steam rolling momentum which ended in tragedy. 

Since Waco happened under Bill Clinton's watch, the media gave him and Janet Reno a pass (of course, the media would have flipped 180 degrees the other way if there was a Republican administration in charge). Unfortunately, the legacy of the real Waco was Timothy McVey later bombing the federal building in Oklahoma City. Escallation like that is worse than the disease--that just results in more power to the federal authorities, not less. 

Just like Rush's advice of watching or rewatching Chernobyl in lieu of the Wuhan Coronapocalypse, the same applies to Waco. Central control can often be disasterous. Definitely watch it (espeially given how the FBI treated Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration). Out of control federal power is tyranny. The best way to control out of control federal power is to limit that power. Defer more power to the states, limit federal power.

President Trump has made mistakes during the current pandemic hysteria (mostly in trusting the bureaurcrats), but the more he defers local decisions to local control the better. Yes, there will be states like California, New York, and Michigan who will abuse power on a state level. There are plenty of governors and local officials doing the right thing. At least the citizens in those states have a lot more control to respond to abuse. 

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