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Friday, November 1, 2019

Warren Caught Lying About Getting Fired: NYT Reporter Covered It Up For Her

This is a dog bites man story because we know the media is mostly in the bag for Democrats, especially ones like Elizabeth Warren. The Free Beacon obtained records showing that what Warren said about being fired was essentially a lie. It was further discovered that Reporter Reid Epstein (who works for the New York Times) also obtained proof what Elizabeth Warren about being fired for being pregnant was untrue, but he opted to sit on it.  Given Elizabeth Warren's repeated history of lying and cheating and hypocrisy, it is amazing she is where she is (and likely to get the Democrat Presidential Nomination)--but understandable once you realize the media is actively helping her along.  

Update: Elizabeth Warren just unveiled her Medicare-For-All plan. She claims it only costs $20.5 trillion. Actually Warren's plans would cost more like $59 trillion (she claims her plans are only $52 trillion over a decade (but no raises on middle class taxes).  And to give you some perspective of what these costs are, the entire federal budget for this year is $4.8 trillion (and that is with a sizable deficit over $1 trillion).  

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