Thursday, October 24, 2019

UPDATE: For A Good Time Call Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) 😬🤯

Update: EBL: Speaker Pelosi Demanded Democrat Katie Hill Resign! 🙀🏳️‍🌈🤯

Powerline: What Katie Can Do

RedState broke this story (which most of the media ignores). RedState withheld the explicit photos, but Daily Mail decided not to do so. Hey, if Katie Hill wants to do this sort of thing--well that is up to her constitutuents to determine whether that is ok or not (for maintaining her job as a member of Congress). This is not just having an affair, but high risk behaivor, excessive drinking, and a host of other issues (Nazi tattoo?) that would sink any Republican involved in the same thing. 

Katie Hill and media allies are blaming her husband for this (claiming he is being vindictive in a bad divorce), but it could very well be some of the women she had sex with who leaked these photos to the media. And Congressional rules are clear: having sex with staffers is not allowed. The reason for that is the power dynamic between employer and employee. So that is an independent and very serious basis for trouble for her. I also have zero sympathy for Rep. Hill, given how she went hammer and tongs against Brett Kavanaugh over made up lies.  

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