Saturday, October 5, 2019

JOKER: A Review

This is a stand alone film from other Batman films (which is the reason Joaquin Phoenix agreed to sign on). It's nihilistic, which is saying a lot given how dark the entire Batman franchise has been (other than the sixties tv show and maybe Lego Batman).

Robert De Niro "method acts" being an obnoxious celebrity jerk (which is De Niro's default for the past several decades). While Bobby is dialing it in, given the role calls for an insufferable prick who is full of himself, it does work for this film. That said--did they have to call him Franklin? It is a not too subtle reference, but liked Joe Franklin

I did like the look of the film. New York, I mean Gotham, looks very authentically late 70s early 80s. The score definitely improves this film. Despite its vintage look, there are plenty of topical references to mental health, Incels, crime, Antifa, celebrity, socialism, and enough movie references to keep a new generation of film students busy for a semester or so. 

Some will just love this movie--others will hate it. While Joaquin Phoenix's performance is impressive--it's not overall a great film. It's pretentious and probably takes itself more seriously than it should. It's R rating is definitely warranted and I would not recommend teenagers seeing it. Still, I did like it (even if I share some of the concerns that Stacy McCain raised about the subject matter). 

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Frances Conroy plays the Joker's mom. Nature or nurture? Probably a bit of both in this story. 

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