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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

GOP Defeatism? The Cowardly Craven Chimeras of NeverTrumpers 🐁 🐀 🐘

DRUDGE reported today a rat falling from the White House ceiling. A fake news headline, since what fell was actually a mouse. There is a big difference between rats and mice, but I suppose you could say the rats were sitting in the Press Corps room where the mouse fell. When you think of it that way it is sort of an apt metaphor for how the White House is for President Trump--he is surrounded by rats.

Rush commented on GOP defeatism by what is a pretty transparent and weak attack on President Trump by the Democrats. I know exactly how the Democrats would react if the GOP impeached a sitting Democrat President (just like they reacted with Bill Clinton--they would go to the mattresses to defend that politician--despite the fact that charge was legitimate). Yet some Republicans seem ok with going down without a fight (or helping the Democrats do it):
The GOP will cease to exist, and the socialists and communists on the left will take over and that will be that — and that’s exactly what the press wants. This is exactly what the Democrats in the media want. They want Republicans giving up and behaving as they normally do, as fatalistic losers! Losers with honor! Don’t forget that. You’ve heard that, have you not, Mr. Snerdley? “We must lose with dignity. We must lose with honor so the American people will see our moral superiority.” (Snort!) Moral superiority. 
I sometimes wonder if some of these Republicans wouldn’t mind exactly that scenario. Just get rid of all these Trump supporters, get rid of all these Trump voters. Just get ’em out of the Republican Party, have ’em leave, and have the Republican Party represent maybe 20% of the country max and start over. I think it’s what the Never Trumpers on the Republican side would actually love. I think they would love you Trump supporters walking out on the Republican Party, and if they could make that happen by abandoning Trump?
To the GOP Senators and Congressmembers, don't misread this (or listen to NeverTrumpers). The voters who supported President Trump are NOT going to get the vapors over that telephone call with Ukraine's PM. There is NOTHING there. Mere speaking of impeachment will not cause them to abandon Trump. They recognize this is not in their interest, that the media and Democrats are manufacturing this, and the policies that the Democrats want to promote will hurt them and the country.

Impeachment is a very risky move. Pelosi had her own base to worry about so she went there. There was good reason the GOP did not seek it against President Obama. Sunlight is the best disinfectant--a trial in the Senate could be a show case for displaying Democrat corruption.

Most hopefully get this. Some never will. To those who are waivering, cowboy up.

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